About Dr. Ehly

I began life as a determined healer, ready to save the world. My stuffed animals and my family knew it, too. From regular checkups with my Fisher-Price medical kit to the real-time fixing of cuts and bruises, I always knew that I was going to be a doctor.

Then I began to develop anxiety. The courageous, feisty little me began to be paralyzed by dread. By the time I got to high school, I’d be crippled just speaking in front of people, and I had difficulty initiating new friendships. My hands would be drenched in sweat. I had difficulty talking. I couldn’t focus or maintain attention. And my mind would have all the worst possible outcomes for any given situation on replay. What if I did or said something wrong? What if I was rejected? What if people made fun of me? What if something bad happened to me? To my family?

In college, I continued to experience anxiety and went through a severe bout of depression. I was also diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and prescribed medication. It helped a little with my attention, but I didn’t feel like myself. And it didn’t make my anxiety go away. Even worse, it was nauseating. There were even a few times when I had to leave class to vomit. Since the side effects didn’t outweigh the minimal benefits, I eventually stopped taking it altogether.

After graduating college, I began to search for something else. I had an intuitive understanding that conventional medicine isn’t the whole picture when it comes to health care, and I was determined to find something more aligned with my beliefs. I began interning with a local naturopathic doctor, Dr. Stephany Porter and eventually became her patient. For the first time since childhood, I began to feel less anxious and more attentive. I could speak more clearly and confidently. I began to engage in activities in which I’d always been interested but was unable to try because my anxiety was so severe. And all this thanks to natural, non-drug interventions like nutritional supplementation, stress reduction, dietary changes, botanical medicine, and homeopathy. I began to remember what it felt like to be me, my true self. And my life continues to transform into a fuller and richer experience because of it.

This is why I became a doctor, so I can share that gift. So that I can help people live richer lives, free from needless anxiety, free from apathy and the hopelessness of depression, and with confidence to do the things that make them come alive.

Dr. Cristine Ehly is a naturopathic doctor at Frederick Natural Health Center in Frederick, MD. To learn more about Dr. Ehly’s training and experience, click here.