About Isabelle

Isabelle Davidowitz, Licensed Acupuncturist

I was 21 years old, recently moved to NYC, to continue my college education, when a golf ball size growth grew rapidly at the base of my neck.  I had to drop out of school because I was so sick.  I went to multiple doctors who scared me with threats of cancer.  Finally I was admitted to the hospital and the cyst biopsied to find out I had Cat Scratch Fever!  It resulted into lymphadenopathy (infection in the lymph nodes).  Even with antibiotics, my body struggled to fight the infection for months.  I will never forget how powerless and frightened I felt during that weakened state.  I realized I needed to strengthen my immune system in order to heal.  My healing journey begins with seeking out alternative healing therapies, seeing a Naturopath and finding out about acupuncture.  I changed my diet and began exercising regularly.  However, I noticed my recuperation was slow.  In reflection, I had a very stressful, traumatic first 18 years of my life, that left me with a weakened immune system and a sympathetic nervous system that was going strong all the time.  My body was in a constant heightened state of anxiety.  I discovered that Acupuncture assisted in releasing old traumas from the body and calming the nervous system.


As a self employed artist and single parent for the past 17 years, my focus was creating health and happiness for my son and I.  Acupuncture, organic healthy food choices, exercise and staying connected with nature were our pillars for a balanced healthy lifestyle. Frequent Acu treatments helped keep our bodies in balance, resulting in strong immune systems.  Acupuncture helped eliminate seasonal allergies for my son.  While I sought out treatments for managing stress, occasional body pain and healing past emotional traumas.  Acupuncture is powerful medicine to balance emotional and physical energy in the body.  In 2014, I felt compelled to start learning the Chinese Medicine system.  Three years later, graduating with my Masters Degree in Acupuncture, I am excited to share this healing medicine.

Isabelle Davidowitz is an acupuncturist at Frederick Natural Health Center in Frederick, MD. To learn more about Isabelle’s training and experience, click here.