About Margie

                  Margie Holly, LMT, RCST

Like most American women raised in the 20th century, I learned, early, one certain truth: your body is your enemy. Too fat, bad complexion, too pale, wrong hair…we’ve all been there, in the throes of constant angst created by the advertising industry.

My pragmatic parents taught me “If you can do something about a problem, do it. If not, don’t worry about it.” So, I gave up on winning any beauty contests and, instead of jumping on the cosmetics and trend diet merry-go-round that most of my girlfriends rode, I hid myself away. Yes, I was the kid on the playground that did NOT get a trophy for participation. As a child, I preferred to play by myself in the woods and creek behind my house. As an awkward teen, I favored books and movies to school dances. By the time I reached early adulthood, I was on auto-pilot — disconnected from my body, from nature, and from my Self.

It wasn’t until my early thirties that I started to question that strategy. Though I had a good job in corporate communications, maintained relationships with a few close friends, and managed to enjoy some leisure activities, I realized that profound feeling of Disconnect that is all too common for many of us. So began my journey to find myself.

Two very poignant events shaped and guided me through that period. I began working with a therapist, who used hypnosis and meditation to help me find the lost pieces of myself. While meditating on my life purpose, I drew a picture with a rainbow-colored light streaming down through my head and out my hands. Five years later, I learned about Reiki, and it took me another five years to become initiated as a Usui Reiki Master. Practicing Reiki as a tool for self-care helped me reconnect with the natural world, and with my own inner strength. I was no longer afraid to stand in my power, and shine my light into the world.

The second shift I made was understanding massage as something more than skin deep. Though I had visited spas a few times, mostly as a treat while on vacation, I started receiving regular massage as part of a weight loss program. In the beginning, it was a reward for each milestone on my diet. But as I continued, massage took on a much more important role:  it actually brought me back to my body. Massage helped me befriend the enemy and reconnect with my own inner strength. You could say that massage helped me feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life!

Though I have left corporate America, I still make my living as a communicator. My role, as a massage and craniosacral therapist, is to help my clients communicate with their inner healer.
I facilitate and hold a safe space for that conversation a client has with him/herself, to unravel dis-ease and negotiate a greater expression of health and vitality. Finally, I have stepped into my life purpose, and I look forward to helping my clients navigate the road home to themselves!

Margie Holly is a licensed massage therapist and registered craniosacral therapist, at Frederick Natural Health Center in Frederick, MD. To learn more about Margie’s training and experience, click here.