Dr. Ehly’s Training and Experience

Dr. Cristine Ehly graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, where she developed a strong background in nutrition, botanical medicine, and homeopathy. Rounding out her core education, she also received additional training in craniosacral therapy, advanced hydrotherapy, and traditional Mayan medicine. Passionate about supporting positive change, Dr. Ehly uses medicine to empower patients to take control of their own health, and ultimately transform their lives. Through the use of patient education, and implementation of the above therapies, Dr. Ehly helps to promote the inherent ability of each person’s body to heal itself. She is an expert in treating individuals with mild to moderate anxiety and depression, chronic stress and fatigue, allergies, and difficulties with attention and concentration.

While in medical school, Dr. Ehly was Treasurer of the Naturopathic Advocacy and Community Awareness Team where she organized and participated in fundraising, as well as met with national legislators to promote Naturopathic Medicine. She also coordinated a homeopathic study group in the private practice of Dr. Valeria Breiten, and assisted in the Naturopaths Without Borders free community clinic in Rocky Point, Mexico. During her last two years of school, Dr. Ehly was the student sales representative for Wise Woman Herbals, a company that manufactures professional-grade botanical supplements.

Prior to medical school, Dr. Ehly received her B.A. in Biology at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Her studies were focused on Environmental Science, Plant Biology, and Anthropology. Before graduating, she wrote a research review on medicinal plant alternatives to antibiotics.

Currently, Dr. Ehly is developing her own line of botanical medicines, pursuing certification in Biotherapeutic Drainage™, and advancing her training and skills in craniosacral therapy.

Outside of medical practice, Dr. Ehly enjoys reading, hiking, kayaking, exploring new places, and spending time with her friends and family.

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