Integrative Medical Visits

We are currently accepting new patients for naturopathic healthcare in Frederick, Maryland. We offer offering natural and safe solutions for a wide variety of health concerns but each practitioner has their own focus.

A visit for a new patients lasts around 90 minutes. Our doctors take the time to listen to your health concerns and complete a thorough intake in order to understand the underlying cause(s) related to these concerns as well as determine your long-term health goals.

Recommendations will be made during the initial visit to start you on your own personalized Path of Health Guide which may include supplements, lifestyle changes, recipes, or other natural interventions.

Subsequent visits last anywhere from fifteen to forty-five minutes to ensure you are progressing on your Path of Health and to make recommendation adjustments as needed. The frequency of follow-ups vary depending on many factors but the average is 1-2 months initially and can be spaced out over time.

Not sure if Dr. Russell or Dr. Ehly is the right fit for you? Schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation.